Thursday, 23 February 2017

The Astonishing Revelations of Bashar - Half I

Many UFO's seen in our atmosphere are literally ships sent by superior civilizations from larger spheres or worlds of vibration attempting to initiate contact with our dimension. Bashar's world, "Essassani" is at a vibration fee various between spirit and matter. Bashar claims to be an extraterrestrial "hybrid" from an ethereal solar system 500 gentle years away and 300 years into the long run. Bashar's actuality of UFO's from increased spheres is confirmed and defined by a few of the souls communicating by means of the direct voice mediumship of Leslie Flint.

The being who identifies himself as "Bashar" claims he's from a pure world (Essassani) between astral and bodily matter representing a "missing hyperlink" between heaven and earth. A black equilateral triangle with a blue gentle behind it symbolizes the Essassani civilization. Essassani means "Place of Dwelling Gentle." Bashar says he is from 300 years in our future, and 500 light years toward the Orion Constellation. He is genetically associated to humans: a hybrid between the grays who're a sort of "human" from an alternate dimension of our world and actual people from our own time and site. This information could sound very far-fetched, but it answers so many questions concerning the aim and nature of the numerous UFO abductions by "gray aliens." For those who are too skeptical and haven't any persistence to more seriously examine such "far-out" realities as UFO's, Bashar, spiritualism, other dimensions and better vibrational universes, let me tell you this:

"Condemnation without investigation is the peak of ignorance." - Albert Einstein

Is Bashar (Channeled through Darryl Anka) in actual fact an actual extraterrestrial in a "first contact" with our civilization? How is it attainable that Bashar who can communicate with such humor, wit, scientific readability, knowledge, knowledge, precision and conviction be just an elaborate trick or only a hoax?

His phenomenal wit, humor and wisdom, strange vocal means, instantaneous and exact data on any subject (among the Atlantis historical past he gave has been verified from two different fully completely different sources; his a long time long strength of mind, determination, planning and sense of function; intense sincerity and honesty; and different distinctive qualities, make it very hard to just dismiss this fairly energetic personality (or personalities) as just an incredibly elaborate daydream, break up character, fantasy or hoax.

Bashar comes by means of as an actual and loving personality (together with different "alien" personalities as nicely) straight from the heart and who, like some type of immense, all-understanding super-laptop, immediately, sincerely, scientifically and methodically solutions any query (irrespective of how troublesome or simple) by anyone who asks. Darryl Anka seems to be channeling an intelligence so advanced it is very often beyond our own comprehension! He sounds as sincere as anybody can ever be and has no need to regulate, interfere or indoctrinate others. One can find a relatively extensive collection of "Bashar" videos on YouTube, often more than 550 recordings. Merely search for key phrases, "Bashar, Essassani, and channeling."

Darryl Anka, I must say, is among the most excellent examples of spiritualist mediumship since the time of the great British spiritualist medium Leslie Flint (1911-1994) even though Leslie Flint provided a very totally different sort of channel as a rare direct voice medium utilizing ectoplasm, but not as a trance or channeling medium like Darryl Anka.

The mental medium, Darryl Anka, while in a sort of "trance" or dream state of consciousness, picks up and transmits the ideas of a celestial being or beings distinctively different in voice and character from Darryl who claim to be extraterrestrial in origin.

More often than not it is "Bashar" (that means messenger of good news) who comes by means of speaking in a really animated and convincing method on all points of "The Secret" but from a more expanded perspective from which a lot of Bashar's rules of reality, philosophy of dwelling, and so forth., are coated

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